Our online MPRE Review uses the same exceptional instructional design and methodology as our online bar review courses.  We employ the most effective teaching strategies and provide personalized feedback to prepare you completely and conveniently for the MPRE.

Course Components:

-The myTo-Do List of daily study tasks works together with our progress tracking software and network of dedicated staff attorneys to ensure a truly personalized touch.

-An exam focused, streaming MPRE lecture with accompanying handout covers all aspects of the test with proven strategies for success.

-Post-lecture assessment questions target key MPRE concepts and rules to dramatically improve understanding and retention.

-A comprehensive outline covers the MRPC, the CJC, and other applicable authorities.

-Hundreds of practice questions with diagnostic testing identify weaknesses early to keep you focused and on track.

-A complete practice MPRE with full analysis lets you experience a 60-question exam before taking the real thing!