The Themis student portal is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0+
  • Mozilla Firefox version 17+
  • Apple Safari version 6+
  • Google Chrome version 26+

The Themis video player allows you to speed up your videos up to 2x the normal playback speed.  However, this is only supported by certain browsers.  If you want to ensure that this function is available to you, please make sure you are using one of these browsers.  We have included links to download the appropriate browsers for your convenience.

BrowserVersionDownload Link
Google Chrome26+( PC , Mac )
Mozilla Firefox25+( PC , Mac )
Apple Safari6+Safari comes pre-installed on your Mac. To learn more about updating Safari, click here.
Microsoft Internet Explorer9+Internet Explorer comes pre-installed on Windows Vista or up. To learn more about updating Internet Explorer, click here.